- Sell your vote to the highest bidder at the 2022 Australian federal election
- Every candidate rated for rorts, pork barreling and corruption
- Rort with Mates for better returns
- Invest in a nominated Independent candidate at odds of 20/1 and receive returns for every year they are in Parliament


Kieran Butler - Seat of Hawke

If elected, Kieran Butler, is promising 500 lucky rortsbetters $200 per year for every year he occupies the seat of Hawke in the House of Representatives.

You'll be paid from a pool of $100,000 set aside from his whopping $211K salary for doing sweet fuck all - apart from corruption of course!

You'll experience the thrill of bombarding social media with ads for his somewhat unorthodox campaign featuring slogans such as "When is the debt, Due Frydenberg?" "Would Morrison let Christian go debating with his daughter?" and "Lies. Rape. Corruption. Vote Liberal". He promises to bring more chaos to Canberra than an Omicron outbreak.

Your stake: $10
What if Kieran doesn't win? You'll get your $10 back in Bonus Bets

Kieran Butler is one of Australia's most critically acclaimed political satirists and a popular writer for True Crime News Weekly.


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