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Troubadour Tunes is a co-production by Troubadour Music (Andrew Pattison) & DVO Media (Kieran Butler). Andrew and Kieran were inspired to create online content after the shut down of live music events by Covid-19 in 2020. The sound & video production team includes Kieran Butler, Andrew Pattison, Blaise White, Judy Stutz, Heather McCormack and Kate Whillas at the Highlander Bar.

Designed for TV Troubadour Tunes is filmed, edited and uploaded in Full HD. Both sound and vision are edited to be enjoyed on your TV. Need help? Read our brief guide to watching the show on your TV  



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Episode Three (Full HD, 45 mins)
Direct youtube link to watch in Full Screen
Featuring Micheal Waugh & Jacob McGuffie

Episode Two (Full HD, 50 mins)
Direct youtube link to watch in Full Screen
Featuring Jetty Road, Chris Smither, Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack, The Weeping Willows & highlights from the 2020 Burke & Wills Folk Festival.

Episode One (HD, 46 mins) 
Direct youtube link to watch in Full Screen
Features live performances and interviews with Greg Champion, Khristian Mizzi & Jetty Road.

Troubadour Sports - "1977" & "World Series Cricket"

Derek Randall (England) and Gary Cosier (Australia) join cricket tragics Andrew & Kieran to talk about the 1977 Centenary Test in the midst of Covid isolation.

Features musical performances from Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack, Tommy Leonard, Khristian Mizzi & Peter Daffy.

To watch in Full Screen select the "Share" icon the top right hand corner of the video and click on the youtube link or "More..."

Copyright 2020 DVO Media - All Rights Reserved


"Thank you Andrew & team for doing such a great job... Wonderful to see Khristian and all the folks we enjoy performing. - Lianne & Paul Slinger

"Thank you so much for Troubador Tunes... Must have worked because I found myself clapping after each song and I was actually all by myself." - Jan Barson

"Just wanted to say a huge thank to you for the wonderful online concert Troubadour!
Loved every minute of it'  - Fiona Cooper

"Fantastic... Great fun" - Kath & Howard Jones

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  • WATCHING on a Smart TV via the YouTube App - If your TV is a only a few years old there is every chance that there is YouTube app included. Simply open the app and search for "dvomediatv" or "troubadour tunes". Select an episode and select Full Screen.
  • WATCHING on TV via HDMI lead to your computer - Your DVD player is more than likely connected to your TV via a HDMI lead. Many computers now come with a HDMI port that allow you to use a a simple HDMI lead to connect your computer screen to your TV. Select an episode and select Full Screen. No HDMI port? See "HDMI leads and adapters" below
  • SCREEN MIRRORING - Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone or computer. Open INPUTS on your TV and look for "Screen Mirroring". Switch it on and then select search for devices. Your phone or computer screen will appear in the list. Devices such as Chromecast perform much the same function. NOTE: There is also an option in the YouTube app on your phone to search for your TV. 
  • HDMI leads and adapters - If your computer does not have a HDMI port there are variety of display ports (Thunderbolt, Lightening - very, very frightening - Mini Display Port) which will require an adapter or lead which can be purchased online or at a store like JB HiFi.
  • If you need any more help please email here and we will do our best to help

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